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The writing house on the move.

For me, writing takes space. Two kinds of space. Space in terms of time and spaciousness to think and get the thoughts down. And space in terms of a space to write, removed from distractions. For a long time, I haven’t really felt like I had either of those, except in little snatches and corners here and there.

Happily, starting today, I have the gift of both of those. Time in the form of four weeks without travel, phone calls or emails – thanks to my Climate Interactive colleagues who are picking up the tasks I usually handle. And space in terms of a tiny house on wheels that will be my writing place, parked a 10 minute walk from home in far a corner of our land at Cobb Hill. Thanks to daughter Jenna who built it, husband Phil who is helping with finishing touches and moved it over to its new location, and neighbor Jesse who is, right at this moment helping with the electrical wiring!

Appropriately, the adventure started off with an adventure, moving the house a half-mile down the road. Very slowly, pulled along by a tractor. I was nervous about a lot of things. The one sharp turn. The last descent. The tight space to get the tractor out, once the trailer was unhitched. The not quite perfectly level ground. But I shouldn’t have worried – it all went smoothly!

So…here I go. May my writing be powerful enough and helpful enough in these tumultuous times to honor everyone’s efforts and supports to give me these gifts of time and space.

Here’s what the cottage looks like in it’s final location:

Safely parked in place!

And here’s the view:

Pasture view.